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Old Boots Veterans' Association Group

Old Boots Veterans Group employs a structured but flexible weekly meeting format which includes members individually commenting on joys and frustrations of their previous week, and guided group discussions during handcraft projects.

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Do you have some questions? Would you like to know more about a meeting? Are you just looking for some more information about the benefits of getting together? Would you like to share a story to possibly be published on our blog?

Reach out to one of our Veterans’ that know the benefits of being a group member of Old Boots Veterans Association. They would be happy to answer the questions you have or send you information regarding sharing your story.

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    Please fill out the form above and let us know you have a story to share. We will contact you with the email to submit your story. Please have the story in a word document or text editor and attach to the email that will be provided to you. Thank you now go get started on that story, we can’t wait to hear from you!