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    Stay Well

Old Boots Veterans Association, known informally as “Old Boots”, is staffed by accredited mental health professionals. Old Boots is an Edmonton area community based therapy group for military veterans who suffer from operational stress injuries (OSI).

Accredited Health Professionals

Old Boots is staffed by accredited mental health professionals and other specialists who volunteer their time. Health professional therapists ensure safety and focus. We use our hands while we talk. It helps to lighten the load. Old Boots aims to help veterans overcome Operational Stress Injuries (OSIs) with focused effort, humour and hope. We meet weekly to share and to learn from one another.

Veterans Program

The group is solution and present focused. Our intent is to enhance coping skills to make life better now. We work on practical ways to cope. We talk about the transition to civvie life; how to deal with symptoms; what to say to friends and family about our reactions and experiences.