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    Stay Well

If you are someone who wants to provide support for our veterans who suffer from PTSD and other OSIs, there are several ways that you can do this through Old Boots.

Support Information

To find out how you can support Old Boots Veterans Association please fill in the form and we will be happy to direct you to the options available.

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    Gifts of Support

    If you wish to provide support in the form of gifting funds, which are always welcome, we would like you to know that any funding received is used only in direct support of group activities; purchase of hand crafting tools and materials, occasional payment for crafting instructors, coffee for meetings, etc.  We are a registered not-for-profit society under the Alberta Societies Act, and we operate in strict adherence to the protocols of that Act.

    Personal Involvement

    If you are someone who would like to support Old Boots through personal involvement in activities, at various times during the year we would be grateful for such support in the form of assisting us in selling raffle tickets, working bingos, casino nights, or other fund raising activities, staffing static displays at mental health professional development seminars, etc.  The gift of your time can mean a great deal in supporting our veterans with invisible wounds.

    If you are a student and wish to support Old Boots by provision of your time and efforts through an Internship or related program, there may be an opportunity for you to do so.